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Ameda Purely Yours Una Electrical Breastpump
Ameda Purely Yours Una Electrical Breastpump - Customisable Base Unit
Ameda Purely Yours Una Electrical Breastpump - Custom Control
Ameda Purely Yours Una Electrical Breastpump - Custom Fit
Ameda Purely Yours Una Electrical Breastpump - Airlock Protection

Ameda Purely Yours Una Electric Breast Pump


Mum inspired, hospital trusted.

The Ameda Purely Yours Una offers single electric pumping, allowing you to pump more milk in less time and effort. It uses the same hospital-grade technology as the Ameda Elite, which is widely used in hospitals in the UK.

The secret to the success of the Ameda Breast Pumps is due to the two CustomControl™ dials, speed and suction, which allows each mother to tailor the pump’s performance to her own personal needs, for the best comfort and milk flow every time. There are two pumps available, offering single and double pumping solutions and 7 funnel sizes available (sold separately) for the Purely Yours Una, providing a great fit for all mums.

From new mothers looking for help with engorgement or simply increasing their milk supply, the chance of a new mother breastfeeding effectively and comfortably is increased with Ameda CustomControl™, CustomFit™ and Airlock Protection™ .

These unique features have been developed to ensure every mother and baby can use the Ameda Breast Pumps with confidence knowing their pump will guarantee them; Customisation, Comfort and Convenience.

To purchase additional HygieniKits for your Ameda Breast Pump follow the link below:

Please visit for breastfeeding advice, FAQs and technical support.


CustomControl™: Vacuum and cycles can be adjusted to your personal preference offering optimal results every time, giving you increased milk supply and reduced pumping time

CustomFit flange system™: Different funnels sizes are available to purchase; providing optimal convenience during your breastfeeding experience, giving you greater comfort and better milk flow

AirLock protection™: Our unique anti-viral barrier keeps your breastmilk clean and free from bacteria and viruses giving you peace of mind

BPA free: All parts in contact with breast milk are BPA and DEHP free

3 possible power sources: AC adaptor (included), 6 x AA batteries or car adaptor (not included)

Lightweight and portable: The pumping motor unit weighs just 500 grams

HygieniKit™: Additional or replacement Milk Collection sets (HygieniKits) are available to purchase


The Ameda Purely Yours Una includes

1x Ameda Purely Yours Una Electric Breastpump
1x HygieniKit™ Single Milk Collection System
1x AC Adaptor
1x Instruction Manual


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