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NEW toys from Sassy for 2017

Playtime gets Sassy!

Sassy’s unique approach to baby toys is focused on stimulating four specific developmental areas during baby’s first year of life. This approach, along with insightful designs, bright colours and superior quality makes these products stand out in the infant toy category. Sassy toys fast become parent’s favourites along with their babies too!  

Sassy toys have an award-winning product range and their innovative features are built with a purpose! Product design starts with a clear and in depth understanding of developmental stages and all toys are created to provide a sensory experience that will engage and stimulate baby’s senses. A variety of textural finished materials are used to stimulate exploration and discovery and the use of bold, high contrast colors are key to enhancing the developmental experience. It’s no wonder that these products are multi-award winning!  

2017 set to get Sassier! 

Products in the toy segment are being driven by developmental milestones. Sassy products are always developmentally appropriate and designed in cooperation with experts in the fields of Human Development. Products need to have a unique look, be fashionable and appropriate to age segments whilst always helping babies thrive! Textures play a crucial role in stimulating tactile development. The sense of touch and mouthing objects are primary explorations at the earliest stages of development because there are more sense receptors in a baby’s mouth than any other place on the body. 

2017 is set to get Sassier too!  An array of new toys are now available from from Sassy; all beautifully designed and equipped with unique features to help baby learn. Full of creativity and innovation with a real purpose to develop all aspects of baby’s senses through sound, touch, sight and taste. Offering a range of age-appropriate toys this beautiful collection of quality toys really will awaken anyone’s imagination. One of the key changes you will notice is that many of the toys are equipped with ‘soft plastic’ features to make them more appropriate for baby and softer to touch and play. Following extensive research, this what Mum’s wanted for baby, so this they will get! 

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